July 6, 2018

Voca Films Brand Video

The four of us here at Voca Films are constantly talking about creating fun personal films, the kind of films that remind us how we came to love filmmaking so much in the first place.  The majority of these projects we talk about are short films but lately we’ve been toying with the idea of creating a spec film.  Initially, we were leaning towards recreating the classic Nike or Apple themed anthem videos but then we thought, why don’t we make this video specific to Voca Films?  Sure, it’s not as badass or heartfelt as a Nike or Apple video, but we had tons of fun producing it and think that it might even crack some smiles.

This was an awesome experience seeing what we could create using only in house gear.  We wanted to challenge ourselves by creating something that looked like a $100k commercial with no budget (I don’t think that was achieved but hey, we tried).  Besides hiring Denver local talent (our clients) and the beautiful client meeting location, we didn’t drop a penny on any other video production resources.

We wanted to make sure the mood of this film felt very playful while maintaining a serious and dramatic aesthetic.  The script went through a few changes over the spring but we settled on the final copy fairly quickly.  After finding talent to fill the kid scenes we went straight into production.  From the beginning we made sure to keep things backlit and shoot into negative fill.  We did our best to keep this look consistent throughout the video.  Something that was unplanned but really matched our branding was the client meeting location and warehouse location.  Voca Films has always implemented the color green into it’s branding and both of our locations happened to match that perfectly.  Fort Greene (client meeting location) is obviously decked out in green walls and furniture and the warehouse location has green details along the walls.

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