Visual Storytellers

At Voca Films, our visionary storytellers produce bold, creative branded content. Through the medium of video production, we are ready to collaborate with you to create video content that is dynamic and connects with your customers from the very first frame.

From Facebook to Youtube and even your company’s website, video is taking center stage. Whether it is to promote a product or engage with your customers one-on-one, videos are quickly becoming the primary way consumers and brands are communicating online. Unlike traditional marketing methods, video engages with consumers on another level, entertaining and inspiring them.

Videographers and filmmakers draw from a huge range of styles and forms to relate a variety of stories and messages. That’s why it’s always beneficial to work with a standard process, a proven and reliable template that’s suitable for every conceivable project.

Voca’s film and video production in Denver is divided into three traditional phases: pre-production, active production, and post-production.