March 5, 2020

The Importance of Video Production in Business

Today’s businesses need to fight through a lot of noise to reach their target audience. The internet and social media may provide a great platform for promotion, but they’re also loaded with thousands of other distractions vying for consumer attention. If you’re going to stand out and draw eyes to your business, you need to get creative.

Video content marketing is becoming the number one way for businesses to promote themselves online today. According to, the amount of businesses to use video as a marketing tool has grown from 61% in 2016 to 86% in 2021. Online video is widely accessible, easily shareable, and it can be highly effective at conveying your business’s message. If you’re not already using video production as a promotional strategy, here are just a few of the great reasons why you should.

Build Your Brand
Static images and text can only do so much to develop your business’s identity. Video has a greater ability to connect to your target audience’s senses and deliver the message you wish to convey. Using video, you can bring your brand to life through movement, music, color, imagery, and the sound of the human voice.

Rise to the Top of Search Results
The name of the game in modern marketing is search engine optimization. One of the number one things that will push Google to shoot your business up the rankings is the amount of time spent on your page. Video content increases the amount of time visitors spend on your site, therefore raising your search engine rank. 

According to, 86% of video marketers say that their videos have increased website traffic, and 83% say that video has helped increase the amount of time spent on their page. Video production provides an undeniable advantage in search engine optimization.

Reach the Visual Learners
Not everyone can easily grasp your product or service through text. There’s a tremendous number of people who receive information much more easily when they are given audio/visual aid. Video production allows for you to reach this audience where you otherwise may not have been able to.

According to, viewers retain around 95% of the information detailed in a video, as opposed to 10% when reading that same information through text. This should tell you that the medium of video is far more effective at expressing your business’s message.

Improve Your Sales
Pretty much the entire point of your business is to make money, right? Well, video production can help you do that in a wide variety of ways. Whether it’s boosting your page up to the top of search results, connecting you to your target audience, explaining your product in a clear and understandable way, or giving your brand a whole new dimension, video marketing is a clear moneymaker for your company.

A well-made marketing video is a Swiss army knife of online advertising. If you’re able to create one and promote it properly, you enable your business to reach a vast audience of potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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